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Eastern ARC Funded Events at Kent

Over the coming months, a host of Eastern ARC-funded events will take place at the University of Kent, tackling themes as diverse as statistical ecology, government decision-making and medieval literature.

12 April 2016

Economic and Psychological Perspectives, 20-21 April, will highlight the synergy of research in economics and psychology with the aim of fostering collaboration among students and faculty. Potential topics of interest include:- Cognition and Coordination, e.g. focal points in bargaining, social communication, reasoning in games; Group Processes, e.g. peer effects, pro-social behaviour, social exclusion, prejudice and discrimination, honesty and cheating; and risk attitudes and social/redistribution preferences, e.g. evaluation of environmental risk and uncertainty, attitudes to fairness and inequality, response to punishment or reward, poverty and self-control problems.  The workshop is free for all Eastern ARC staff and PG students to attend.  Further information can be found at

Managing Change : Urban Heritage Between Conservation and Development, 20-21 June. This conference aims to facilitate a critical interdisciplinary dialogue that directly broaches emergent questions and research on issues such as : How do we both conserve urban sites and embrace development? What are the existing operational strategies for managing change and ‘preserving’ urban heritage in the long-term? What are the primary challenges that urban conservation currently faces? What role can digital technology play in this context?  A number of scholarships are available to Eastern ARC students covering participation and/or attendance. Interested students should send their abstracts or a curriculum and a motivation letter (max. 150 words) to by 15 April, 2016.    Further details on the event can be found at

The Impact of Cabinet Decision Making on Public Policy, 8 July.  This one-day inter-disciplinary workshop will bring together researchers to investigate the under-researched link between cabinet level decision-making processes and policy outcomes.  This workshop aims to provide opportunities for feedback on work in progress on cabinet decision making and cabinet-related processes and provoke discussion on the inferential and data challenges with respect to these questions. Additionally, this event will draw in different theoretical and empirical perspectives on cabinet decision making across disciplines, and identify gaps in the research infrastructure in order to open the black box of the effects of cabinet characteristics on policy making.  Space during the workshop will be allocated to explore the development of funding applications along these themes.  To apply to give a paper for the workshop send a 300 word maximum abstract of no more than 300 words to Dee Goddard ( by 16.00 on 15th April but late submissions may also be accepted.  For more information contact Dr Edward Morgan-Jones

The 16th biennial conference of the International Society for Justice Research will be held from 20-23 July, hosted by Robbie Sutton.  The conference themes are (1) Austerity, Justice and Well-being, (2) Gender, Objectification and Coercion, and (3) 50 Years of Just-World Theory (this theme is being marked by a special invited panel chaired by Carolyn Hafer).  Registration is now open!

Summer workshops on Statistical Ecology and Synthetic Biology are also under development.  Keep checking the Eastern ARC website for more details.