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Eastern ARC Focuses on Digital Humanities

Core members of the Digital Humanities group in the Eastern ARC, which brings together academics from the Universities of Kent, Essex and East Anglia, met on October 13th at the University of Kent. Joining the Academic Leads and Fellows were three newly appointed Doctoral students (Alex Turton, Lizzie Stewart and Ish Bhandal) who have been funded by EARC to progress research in the broad field of Digital Humanities utilising a range of methodologies and objects of study.

16 October 2015

Priorities for the group include:

  • Identifying academics across the Consortium (and more widely) who might collaborate to develop their shared interests and expertise in Digital Humanities as a discipline and in the use of digital methods in research
  • Providing expert advice and training on digital methods
  • Capturing, communicating and celebrating the diverse activities of the Digital Humanities Fellows and, as their research progresses, of the PhD students
  • Strengthening strategic partnerships with other academic collaborations, such as CHASE


The group will come together again on the 6 November at the first Eastern ARC Conference (Eastern Arc) to be held at the University of Essex, which will provide an opportunity for the collected members of EARC to discuss progress and prioritise activities for the year ahead.


For further information on the work of the Digital Humanities group, contact Sarah Tetley, EARC Officer