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Thinking through the visual

Thinking through the visual: A one-day symposium on the intersection between film and research

10 February 2018

The growing recognition of film as an academic output and a mode of practice-based research raises questions about the impacts of this recent shift. This workshop brings together leading scholars, practitioners, and industry professionals from the Eastern Arc and beyond to explore the implications of the turn toward film. The aim of the session is to address theoretical and practical concerns of making audiovisual research outputs, as well as to discuss funding models and modes of dissemination on and beyond academic platforms.

We ask: How do intersections of filmmaking and research methodologies challenge ingrained modes of doing and disseminating scholarly work, at the same time as redefining the genesis, development and production of film works? What new audio-visual and scholarly forms are emerging from the interface of film and research? What are the unique opportunities for social, cultural, and economic impact when film is a research output? How does the rise of digital technologies in film, online archives, and e-learning affect teaching dynamics and outreach activities? What can academics and filmmakers learn from each other?

The program combines keynote addresses by film theorists and practitioners, a panel discussion featuring guest speakers from academic institutions, filmmaking hubs and creative industries, and a showcase of in-process or completed film and digital projects. The workshop also seeks to foster interchange and networking between participants and colleagues from the Eastern Arc.

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