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Digital Approaches for Humanities Research

This half-day taster session, running from 1pm - 5.30pm in London, provides a broad overview of digital approaches for humanities research.

16 October 2018

Digital Approaches for Humanities Research taster session is taking place on 16 October 2018 at the University of London (Senate House). This taster event aims to acquaint participants with various cutting-edge digital tools and methods used today to address core humanities-related research questions.

The event is aimed primarily for PhD students and supervisors with little to no prior knowledge of how to use digital approaches to pursue humanities-related research.

There will be four one-hour sessions. The first session will provide an overview of key issues that cut across different disciplines and research approaches, whilst the remainder of the sessions will give a more detailed view of how digital methods may be used in specific research areas:

  • Session one – Introduction (Nadine Zubair, UEA)
  • Session two – Text-based analysis (Dr Shoaib Jameel, University of Kent)
  • Session three – Studying visual culture (Dr Paola di Giuseppantonio di Franco, University of Essex)
  • Session four – Spatial humanities (Dr Justin Colson, University of Essex)

It is free for all PhD students and staff from universities within the Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England (CHASE) Doctoral Training Partnership, but you must pre-register your place.