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EIRA kicks off on 1 April 2018

On 1 April 2018 the three year EIRA project (Enabling Innovation: Research to Application) will formally start, beginning an intensive period of collaboration between universities and colleges in eastern England to support business innovation.

29 March 2018

An initial implementation period will allow the recruitment of staff to support the three EIRA themes of artificial intelligence, biotech and creative digital.   A Knowledge Exchange Manager for each theme will provide the first point of contact for businesses across the region, to identify suitable research expertise from the seven project partners and support applications for funding from EIRA initiatives.

Within each Eastern ARC university, Knowledge Exchange Fellows will work with academic and research colleagues to develop ideas and respond to requests from businesses. At its core EIRA will fund a set of collaborative research projects to enable businesses to directly access relevant academic expertise.  In addition a programme of specialist internship training will support skills development for key sectors and a series of graduate research teams will draw on the expertise of students to help solve key business challenges. These activities will all be complemented by a set of hothouse and networking events around the region.

The full programme of activities will begin Autumn 2018, and initial enquiries can be sent to